Ornamental Pro

Ornamental Pro has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Ornamental Pro 2010 is more than 12 years old. It has been working for years on Windows XP, ME, Vista, and Windows 7

Initially, Ornamental Pro worked on Windows 10 computers. However, a Windows 10 update has caused Ornamental Pro to stop working completely. All new computers sold with Windows 10 have the same issue.

Due to the severe reduction in the ornamental iron industry, a new version is not planned at this time.

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A technical explanation:

In past versions of Windows, all component libraries and required data files for Ornamental Pro were stored in the AppData\Roaming\RedPup\Ornamental Pro 2010 folder on a computer's hard disc drive.

Now, Windows 10 creates a hidden folder for all of the component libraries and other files. Windows 10 does not allow Ornamental Pro access to it's own files and folders because the actual location is unknown. The location of the hidden files and folders will vary widely from computer to computer, so there is no way for the program to find them. Windows 10 also prohibits Ornamental Pro from accessing it's own files even when the location is known. For this reason, there is no known workaround.

Microsoft intentionally obsoletes it's older versions of Windows and often along with them, all programs that were written for those versions.